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6 Email Newsletter Strategies That Ignite Engagement

May 12, 2016   |   2 min read

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email-newsletter-strategies.jpgThe term “newsletter” sounds archaic, doesn’t it? Like something distributed by your grandparents’ condo association announcing a new water aerobics class, or something pinned to the bulletin board in your dentist’s waiting room. While it may seem outdated, a study by Forrester found that one in five email recipients reads every email newsletter they receive. If you’re not sending out a regular email newsletter, you could be missing a huge opportunity to engage with your subscribers.

Here are a few tips to help you drive huge engagement through your company’s email newsletter.

1. Be Regular

People are creatures of habit. Even the most impulsive among us enjoys reliability. By distributing a newsletter regularly, you give your subscribers something to anticipate. Of course, these subscribers will be expecting an email chock-full of information relevant to their specific needs-not salesy copy and boastful company updates.

2. Use a Clean, Simple Format

One of the reasons the term “newsletter” gives some marketers the heebie-jeebies is because they envision something like the overstuffed, copy-heavy, image-dense, multi-column nightmares that were common a decade or two ago. The modern newsletter is most engaging when it’s easy to digest and mobile-friendly. Make sure it renders flawlessly on mobile devices, and can be easily skimmed while waiting in line at a cafe.

3. Share the Love

Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself a little bit-but this should never be the sole purpose of your email newsletter. Instead, take time to recognize other things going on in the industry. Share customer success stories, great blog posts by your partners or timely news pieces relevant to your industry and audience. Don’t be shy about linking out to others, but be sure those you call out are willing to return the favor.

4. Think Outside the Box

A newsletter doesn’t have to be a traditional style catch-all of your most popular posts, upcoming events or industry news. It can be any format you choose, and anything that makes the most sense for your subscribers. For example, you may compile a weekly or monthly “Best of the Web” or “Links We Love” list.

5. Set Goals and Measure

What is your objective? Know this early on, and set a measurable goal. For example, maybe you want to increase traffic to your blog by 20% or grow your email open rate. Having a goal in mind will help you determine the success of your newsletters.

6. Review and Revise

Once you’ve launched your newsletter, review the results. If you didn’t see the engagement you expected, look for areas to optimize. Test things like:

Using these six tips, you can create a newsletter that revitalizes your email engagement and helps keep your brand top of mind.

The better you understand your subscribers, the better you can tailor your newsletters to their interests. Try InstantData free today, and learn everything you need to know about your customers.

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