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5 Reasons Why It Pays to Deploy Email Validation

Feb 10, 2012   |   2 min read

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Undeliverable emails can take a serious toll on your marketing effectiveness. Critical to successful email delivery is your reputation, which can be harmed when too many emails bounce or are branded as spam.

Indeed, a study by Return Path found that sender reputation was the cause of 77% of email delivery problems. This is why increasing numbers of organizations are recognizing the value of email validation, which cleans your list and improves your reputation and your marketing efforts.

Without email validation, the emails you send to customers and prospects must run a more dangerous gauntlet of hazards that can prevent them from reaching their destination-including spam traps, complainers and screamers, and bogus or dead email addresses.

Among the major benefits you can derive from email validation are:

1) Reduced Bounce Rate

Removing invalid email addresses from your list (or preventing them from getting there in the first place) means a greater percentage of the emails you send will be delivered.

2) Fewer Complaints and Spam Trap Hits

Avoiding people who will mark your messages as spam and steering clear of spam traps means a lower complaint rate and a better sender reputation.

3) Increased Inbox Delivery and Results

With a better reputation from fewer bounces and complaints, more-if not all-of your messages will make it into the inbox of your subscribers, resulting in greater open, click, and response rates.

4) Lower Mailing Costs

If you use an Email Service Provider (ESP) to send your mail, fewer messages sent means lower costs. Plus, improved deliverability means less effort to manage your mailings and infrastructure.

5) More Usable Leads

Validating emails when they’re entered on your website ensures you capture a working address, which increases data quality and the number of people to which you can send email.

Having more working addresses translates into a greater number of prospects and revenue opportunities.

After implementing email validation, some companies have reported a 75% reduction in bounce rates and a 20% increase in open rates. Higher open rates yield more sales, increased brand exposure, and better response rates to ads-and thus repeat advertisers and higher advertising rates.

These are the advantages of using real-time email validation alone. You can amplify these benefits by employing phone and address validation services, and by coupling email validation with other real-time data services that add a host of supplemental information to your records-including phone numbers, addresses, geographical information, and demographical data.

Start by looking into email validation services that will enable you to reduce the hazards, safeguard your reputation, and more fully capitalize on the leads that your online presence attracts.

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