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5 Offline Ways to Effectively Build Your Email List

Jul 31, 2013   |   2 min read

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Five Building BlocksIn order to be successful these days, every business needs both an online and offline marketing plan. Having face-to-face interactions are just as important as forming online relationships with your customers. This thought applies to building your email list, too. Just because email is an online communication tool doesn’t mean you only can collect emails via online tactics. Businesses should be creative and utilize offline strategies, as well.

To get started, check out the following five tips for collecting email addresses offline:

Encourage Sign-ups at Tradeshows

To build your B2B email list, advertise your newsletter at trade shows where you’ll have the opportunity to mingle with other members of your industry. According to GDM Interactive, you should take a laptop and have table visitors enter in their email addresses to your company database after conversing with them at your booth. That eliminates the unnecessary time spent manually entering the emails in, and you can start marketing to them more quickly.

Advertise on Print Materials

If your business prints pamphlets, menus, cards or brochures to hand out in your store or at events, let those receiving the print materials know they can subscribe to your online communications on your website. If a person is reading your print materials, chances are he’s interested in learning more about your company. Explaining that he can learn more about the company and receive discounts or special deals online will encourage him to take the next step and sign up.

Promote on Merchandise

Mention your website on any merchandise that promotes your store, like magnets, water bottles, pens, gift cards and T-shirts. If you want to bring in new customers and get them on your website to sign up for your newsletter, give the merchandise away for free, says Vincent Clark.

Pursue Direct Mail Opportunities

While it seems everyone prefers digital, some customers still react better to snail mail. For these select customers, sending personalized postcards with a link your newsletter sign up can grab their attention in ways online methods never could. The direct mail materials should advertise your website in a prominent place and encourage customers to make the digital leap. Always make sure you emphasize the benefits of signing up for digital offers.

Hold In-Store Events

Holding an in-store event and offering free food, drinks, entertainment and products is going to get new and old customers in the door. Ask for an email address when people come in, and create gift bags with a few of your store’s products along with an information card about your website.

Once you’ve captured email addresses offline, ensure you’re emails are delivered online! Check out our eBook “Email Deliverability: 21 Steps to Success” to learn how!

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