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5 Challenges Solved by Growing Your Subscriber Base

Nov 30, 2015   |   2 min read

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growing-customer-baseIf there’s one word at the top of every marketer’s vocabulary, it’s growth-growth of leads, growth of sales, growth of engagement and, of course, growth of your customer base. The number of contacts in your database is a great tool for measuring the success of your campaigns.

When it comes to email marketing, most of us are hyper-focused on growing our subscriber bases, and rightfully so. Increasing this number can help you solve a number of challenges. But, while you already know you need to grow your subscriber list, there are a few bonuses you may not have considered.

Here are five benefits of subscriber growth, and our tips on making the most of each benefit.

  1. Exposure

    This benefit may seem obvious, but it’s still important to note. The more contacts who have subscribed to your correspondences, the greater the exposure of your message.

    But this doesn’t mean it’s OK to blast your newly acquired subscribers with dozens of messages right off the bat. Just because a neighbor invites you over for dinner once doesn’t mean she expects you to show up for a meal every evening. To ensure continued exposure, and engagement, treat your subscribers’ inboxes with respect.

  2. Social Engagement

    The more prospects who have subscribed to email from your brand, the more people you can engage across other platforms-like social media. How? There are two primary ways email can help you achieve this objective:

    Add social buttons to your emails to encourage interactions (such as likes, comments and shares)

    Use Email Intelligence to gather the social profiles of your subscribers for retargeting efforts


    Good email marketing converts prospects into customers, but great email marketing converts prospects into brand ambassadors. When you offer a top-notch experience, it has a snowball effect. Suddenly, you’re enjoying twice the engagement for the same amount of effort. And, as you grow your list, engagement grows exponentially.

    By sending highly targeted, relatable content and irresistible offers to your subscribers, they’ll be more than likely to share with friends and family. Consider making it even easier by adding share buttons within your email template.

  4. Blog Traffic

    Whether you’re writing them yourself or you’ve enlisted the expertise of an agency, blog posts take a great deal of time, energy and other important resources. Unfortunately, publishing blog posts doesn’t guarantee traffic. To see results, you have to promote these posts via other outlets, such as social channels and, of course, email. Depending on the frequency with which you publish to your blog, you can send out a weekly or monthly round-up of your favorite and most popular blog posts.

  5. Data

    When the U.S. Census holds its decennial surveys, it doesn’t just sample a few households at random-it surveys the entire country’s population. That’s what makes the data so valuable. The greater the number of people included in a survey, the more accurate the results.

The same holds true for your database. The larger your number of subscribers, the clearer the picture of your audience. This data can help when it comes to determining how to best segment email lists and when using lookalike modeling.

It’s likely that growing your subscriber base was already on your list of priorities, but knowing the additional benefits of obtaining more addresses can help you create more dynamic, multi-channel campaigns. By using the tips above, you can quickly solve some of your greatest marketing challenges.

Growing your database is crucial to your success, but quality always trumps quantity. Make sure you’re emailing the right contacts with Email Activity Metrics. Request a Free Email Activity Metrics Test today!

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