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4 Emails You Should Start Sending Now

Apr 10, 2014   |   2 min read

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start sending these emailsDo you suffer from email writer’s block? Sometimes marketers become so hung up on crafting clever content they miss opportunities to use email for more basic functions. Here are a few examples of simple, yet effective emails that will keep you at the top of your customers’ minds.


Newsletters are a great way to offer short and sweet updates about your company to keep customers in the loop. If you’re willing to invest a little effort into creating a template and committing to a regular schedule, it pays dividends.

Consider including a section on upcoming events, tips from the experts and a few strong images, as well as a call to action. The content should be well organized and well written so it can be easily read or skimmed in a matter of minutes. HubSpot recommends making 90% of your newsletter content educational and only 10% promotional. For more tips on content and formatting, visit HubSpot’s guide.

Feedback Emails

Show your customers you care what they think by asking them. Feedback emails are usually formatted as surveys, but they don’t have to be. You can simply ask your customers to fill out a short comment form to share their thoughts on a recent event, promotion or product. Ask them what they’d like to see you do more often or what suggestions they can offer.

If you do go the survey route, keep it short, ideally just one or two questions. You’re asking customers to take time out of their day to help you, so you need to make it as easy as possible for them. Offer multiple-choice options or a scale from one to five. Feedback emails are also a good way to test a new logo, slogan or design once you’ve narrowed down your options. Consider using social media first as a brainstorming tool, then put the top picks to a vote.

Re-engagement Emails

By using analytics to monitor open rates, response and conversions, you’ll be able to identify your silent subscribers. Give them some extra attention by offering something that resonates with them. With Email Intelligence, you can discover valuable information about their location, age and interests and then personalize. For example, if you find a significant percentage of unresponsive subscribers are parents with young children who are concerned about saving money, target your next message to appeal to them much more so than batch-and-blast emails you may have sent in the past.

Customer Loyalty Emails

Engaging unresponsive subscribers can certainly lead to sales, but don’t forget about your most loyal customers. Consider rewarding them with exclusive offers for special occasions. A recent study by Experian Marketing Services found loyalty-focused campaigns have 40% higher open rates and 29% higher transaction rates. And don’t forget to contact them on birthdays and anniversaries. This will go a long way to show you’re thinking about them, and it will keep them thinking about you.

None of these effective emails will work at all if your deliverability is bad. Download the guide “Email Deliverability: 21 Steps to Success” for help.

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