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4 Easy Delivery Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss [Infographic]

Feb 3, 2016   |   1 min read

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4-easy-delivery-tips.jpgA great email can transform a prospect into a customer or a loyal customer into a brand advocate. It has the power to alter relationships, inspire engagement and change the way your subscribers interact with your brand forever. That is, assuming the email gets delivered.

Email delivery is a challenge that’s long troubled even the most seasoned marketers. To help increase your delivery rate and ensure you complete the email marketing trifecta (right message, right person, right time), we’ve prepared an infographic.

Check out these four delivery tips to hit the mark each and every time.


4 Easy Delivery Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss

  1. 1. Proper Email Collection

  1. 2. Ongoing Email Hygiene

  1. 3. Evaluate Performance of Data by Source

  1. 4. Be Wary of Acquired Lists

Pro tip: If you acquire a product or a company, take on a new role or pick up a previously ignored list and do not know how well a list was managed, you should scrub the list using a validation tool immediately.

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