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3 Ways Companies of All Sizes Manage Contact Data

Feb 27, 2013   |   2 min read

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manage contact dataIncreasingly, large and small organizations alike are relying on data to deliver positive customer experiences while tackling the rapidly increasing speed of business and other challenges. Whether they’re using customer data to send direct mail inserts promoting an upcoming sale or capturing leads from online forms to filter them into email marketing campaigns, it’s vital they have management systems in place to maintain the accuracy of data.

According to “Data Quality and the Customer Experience,” a white paper published by Experian QAS, 98 percent of organizations have a process in place to manage contact data. Organizations utilize a variety of tools to manage the accuracy of their data. Here, we examine a few of the most widely used tools.

Manual Management

Sixty-six percent of companies use at least one manual process to manage data accuracy. Analysis in Excel and use of response rates from campaigns are the most common manual data management efforts utilized by organizations, according to the aforementioned white paper. Roughly 23 percent of organizations only use manual processes to measure data accuracy. While this may work for small businesses, it’s generally not recommended for large organizations with expansive data.

Automated Management

According to “Data Quality and the Customer Experience,” 62 percent of organizations use some sort of automated contact data management, including point-of-capture verification tools and front-office software products.

Software-as-a-service (SaaS)

SaaS, a software delivery model in which software and associated data are centrally hosted on the cloud, is a growing data quality deployment model in the United States. About 60 percent of organizations are using SaaS tools for data quality and 19 percent exclusively use SaaS technology to manage contact data.

While these data management tools are effective at correcting human error and weeding out inaccurate data when it’s entered into your system, frequent address changes and other factors cause the accuracy of your overall database to erode over time. That’s why it’s essential organizations invest in data cleaning services to maintain the quality of their customer data.

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