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3 Brands Wowing Customers With Personalized Emails

Apr 16, 2018   |   2 min read

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More than 269 billion emails are sent every day – and chances are, you recieve more than 120 every day at your desk alone.

Those staggering email figures mean it’s imperative for email marketers to make their message stand out in the inbox.

Personalization is key to creating a great first impression and continuing to engage customers throughout the buyer’s journey.

The best personalization efforts leverage data – such as customer behavior, demographics and preferences – to craft messages that are helpful and empathetic to each unique customer.

Personalized email marketing boosts loyalty, improves customer service and aligns marketing channels. This creates a stronger brand experience for your customers in every channel.

That’s great – but what does it look like in practice?

Here are three brands creating killer marketing emails with the help of a little personalization.


Cash back app Ibotta encourages users to log into their app and get saving with personalized recommendations. Each week, they send users a grocery list of offers that the user added, as well as new offers available at nearby stores. The emails help users make the most of their app and earn more.

Ibotta 1

Plus – talk about timely and relevant. I received this birthday email a few weeks ago filled with tips on how to use Ibotta to save on party goodies.

Ibotta 4

Gilt City

Deal site Gilt City pairs user behavior and preferences with location to create targeted recommendation emails. Because their offers are only available for a limited time – and come with big discounts – it urges users to act quickly.

Gilt City

I happened to be eying a deal at a new local hotspot. In response, Gilt City reminded me of what I was browsing with a useful – and tempting – triggered email.

Gilt City


Who doesn’t love learning about new restaurants?

For the foodies who regularly reserve through Opentable, a list of curated restaurant picks doesn’t just push them to book a table. It’s fun and informative, and strengthens their relationship with the Opentable brand.


Plus, Opentable makes sure you don’t forget about your reservation. I received this email reminding me about my Easter brunch. This prevents last-second cancellations or no shows for the restaurants who use the platform.

OpenTable 3

Consumers say only about 1 in 5 marketing emails is memorable. And less than 1 in 20 are clicked on; the average click-through rate is 3.1%.

But brands who personalize their content have a big opportunity to stand out, create a deeper relationship with their customers and ultimately boost the bottom line.

These three brands are a great example of how leveraging a little data and creativity can make an impact in the inbox.

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