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3 Brands That are Winning at Email Personalization

Apr 8, 2015   |   2 min read

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winning_at_email_personalizationAs we’ve mentioned before, personalization is key to driving customer engagement. By using data to learn more about your customers, and using that knowledge to craft customized messaging, you will make a greater impact on your subscribers. But, what does truly stellar personalization look like in action?

To help inspire your next campaign, we’re sharing examples from three buzzworthy brands. Keep reading to see how these well-known companies are making the most of their email marketing through data-driven email personalization.



There are no shortage of reasons to love Lyft, the San Francisco-based peer-to-peer rideshare network. For starters, there’s the minimal wait time, the user-friendly app interface and amusing brand voice. Then, there’s the brand’s signature hot pink mustaches drivers use to adorn their vehicles.

The best reason, though-at least in our opinion-is its genius use of personalization.

Recently, the brand launched a loyalty campaign rewarding current customers with several free rides. After the campaign ended, Lyft launched a follow-up campaign rewarding current customers with free rides, once again, for sharing Lyft with their friends. Even better? The offer never ends. Better yet? The code is personalized with the customer’s name.

According to Nancy Harhut, Chief Creative Officer of Wilde Agency, our names are “eye magnet words.” Meaning, our eyes are naturally drawn to our names in text. What better place to add your customer’s name than in the customized code you want them to share to help you grow your business? Nicely done, Lyft, nicely done.



It doesn’t matter how short, simple or common your first name, Starbucks baristas have a habit of coming up with some crazy and creative misspellings. Some say they’re aiming for a phonetic spelling to help other employees pronounce customer names correctly. Others say it’s to drive customers insane. Whatever the reason, you’ll be delighted when you open this gem of an email and see, for once, your name spelled correctly on a coffee cup.

Starbucks has hit a home run with this email for My Starbucks Rewards, the customer loyalty program. It’s also unique, mobile-friendly and includes an actionable offer. Who wouldn’t feel compelled to run out and grab their own hot, delicious, whipped-cream-topped concoction?

Warby Parker


Anyone unfortunate enough not to have 20/20 vision knows the hassle of maintaining your prescription. Remembering to purchase frames before your annual insurance allowance ends, and remembering to book an appointment with your optometrist are two common frustrations for those of us with less-than-perfect sight. However, this email from Warby Parker proves the brand has your back. In addition to opening with your name, the company uses customer data to help you keep track of your prescription date.

Not only does Warby Parker grab your attention with stunning use of personalization, the brand sweetens the deal by adding in a little complimentary convenience. Just in case your eyesight has worsened since your last prescription, the email includes helpful links for booking your next appointment.

Having access to affordable, stylish frames and a really great email campaign almost makes you forget you don’t have perfect vision. Almost.

As the usage of personalization grows, it’s becoming more important to stand out from the pack. Take a cue from these winning brands and get your creative juices flowing.

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