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12 Life Saving Tools Every Email Marketer Needs

Apr 22, 2015   |   5 min read

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email_marketing_toolsJust as Picasso’s masterpieces would be nonexistent if he’d never owned a brush, and Michelangelo’s grand works absent without his chisel, great email marketers also need extraordinary tools to fulfill their ultimate potential. However, with new applications released daily, and dozens of tech startups constantly competing for a spot as marketing’s “next big thing,” combing through the options can be exhausting. To help in your endeavor, we’ve compiled a list of the top 12 best tools for successful email marketers.

In addition to helping you save precious time in your congested schedule, these helpful tools will assist you in making better educated decisions, assessing campaign success and, ultimately, improving customer engagement.

1. Hubspot

What it is: An inbound marketing platform to help companies manage their website content, social media, email marketing and search engine optimization. The Hubspot platform also includes access to sophisticated web analytics and, recently, a fully integrated CRM.

Why you need it: Marketers often struggle to keep their arms around all their campaigns and channels. Hubspot offers an easy-to-use, all-in-one marketing software filled to the brim with tools for better managing your digital marketing efforts. The software helps businesses align their sales and marketing goals and enjoy insight into all inbound marketing efforts from one central location.

2. SpringBot

What it is: Springbot’s FreeDemographicSnapshot is a powerful tool for Magento users that offers access to information such as age, gender and household income-in real-time-garnered from publicly available records.

Why you need it: While similar real-time demographic analysis tools are only available to giant eCommerce brands, this free service is available to all Magento users. It allows marketers of small to mid-size companies to better understand their prospects-including those who haven’t yet made a purchase.

3. SimpleRelevance

What it is: Utilizing public customer data from it’s partners, and social media profiles, SimpleRelevance allows marketers the opportunity to dynamically (and automatically) change subject lines, offers, images, content and even the time of day a message is sent based on individual consumer preferences.

Why you need it: This software goes beyond basic segmentation to hyper-personalization. Using predictive analytics, the tool increases the likelihood customers will engage with your message based on data.

4. Radian6

What it is: Now part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Radian6 is an exceptional social listening and monitoring tool. Brands can easily review, track and respond to comments, questions and complaints immediately.

Why you need it: With so many conversations happening simultaneously across the web, it’s hard to track down every mention of your brand. This powerful program ensures you know what’s being said so you can react the moment it happens.

5. Active Prospect

What it is: A marketing automation middleware platform, ActiveProspect instantly qualifies all internet leads. The company immediately verifies website leads, and allows marketers and sales professionals to build their own rules-based process flows.

Why you need it: No more guessing whether your lead is sales or marketing qualified. This tool helps you make decisions in real-time. As soon as leads reach your CRM, you’ll know enough about your prospect to determine the next best step.

6. LiveIntent

What it is: LiveIntent is a platform for publishers and advertisers that facilitates email ad sales. Buyers are able to purchase display ad space in relevant publisher’s email communications.

Why you need it: As an advertiser, you can make sure your ads are displayed alongside engaging and relevant content. As a publisher, you can enhance your subscriber’s experience with ads your prospects will enjoy.

7. TowerData’s Email Validation

What it is: TowerData’s Email Validation is an easy-to-use tool that removes bad emails, corrects misspellings and other data entry errors, determines whether a message will bounce, shows email address activity and preserves sender reputation by helping companies avoid spam traps.

Why you need it: This dynamic service helps email marketers remove bad emails, which leads to higher opens, clicks and conversions. It keeps email lists clean and helps prevent messages from being flagged as spam so more communications reach subscriber inboxes.

8. Next Caller

What it is: Next Caller is a leading edge technology that delivers ample caller data to agents in real-time. In addition to name and number, this advanced caller ID provides physical address, email, income level, social profiles and more.

Why you need it: By integrating this tool into your existing CRM, you can easily obtain the data you need to decrease talk time and offer a more personalized call experience. With less time spent on data entry, agents can spend more time focusing on your callers’ needs.

9. BounceExchange

What it is: The Bounce Exchange software monitors when and how potential leads leave a website. Using its Exit Intent program, the tool launches a window that provides the consumer incentive to stay on the site. It also incentivizes email capture.

Why you need it: Who doesn’t want to decrease their website’s bounce rate? By engaging with your customer as they’re making a move to leave, you increase the likelihood they’ll stick around and, ultimately, convert.

10. EmailonAcid

What it is: EmailOnAcid, in addition to having a hilarious name, offers email marketers the opportunity to avoid design issues before launch. Instead of manually testing the email on multiple devices and clients, you can instantly see how your message will display.

Why you need it: Many email marketers make the mistake of crafting the perfect email for just one inbox. This tool allows you to see what emails will look like on any client or mobile device so you can fix rendering issues and increase engagement.

11. MovableInk

What it is: Using a real-time, automated responsive design platform called agileEMAIL, Movable Ink enables email marketers to deliver mobile-ready designs and dynamic, personalized content.

Why you need it: A/B testing can be an arduous process, but Movable Ink does the heavy-lifting for you. In addition to creating full-responsive emails with messages and offers targeted directly to each subscriber, the tool tests multiple variations of your email and auto-selects the best option.

12. TowerData InstantData

What it is: InstantData is a user-friendly dashboard that allows marketers access to the data points they need, such as demographics and household information, by leveraging data they already have, such as email addresses.

Why you need it: Today’s consumers expect a personalized experience. InstantData ensures you have all the power you need to craft a knockout first impression, enhance your customers’ experience using context and improve your segmentation. Using your new data, you can inspire greater customer loyalty and better engagement.

Choosing the best tools for your marketing arsenal can seem a challenging task. However, by using the information above, you can quickly determine which programs are best suited to your goals and objectives.

Ready to do more with your data? Sign up for a free trial of InstantData and revolutionize your email personalization.


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