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Social Insight Into Email Users, Part 3: Social Networks

November 16, 2009

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In this last study of our email analysis series, we looked at social network memberships of 120,000 AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo users to gauge where they spend time online.

We found that AOL and Gmail users tend to favor Facebook, while Hotmail and Yahoo users tend to use Facebook and MySpace equally. Twitter is the third-most popular social network, followed by LinkedIn.

Here are the results:

Social Network Memberships of AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Email Users


MySpace, Twitter, and LinkedIn vs. Facebook

The table below shows the popularity of MySpace, Twitter, and LinkedIn with these email users as a percentage of Facebook’s popularity. For example, the number of AOL users on MySpace is only 43% of the number of AOL users on Facebook.


Concluding Remarks

Facebook is the most popular social network with AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo user base, although MySpace rivals Facebook’s popularity with Hotmail and Yahoo users. In general, Twitter’s adoption still pales in comparison with Facebook and MySpace, although it will be interesting to see how Twitter’s growth affects its popularity in the near future. LinkedIn’s popularity is lowest among these email users, which might be attributed to an increased likelihood that LinkedIn users register for membership with their business emails instead.

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