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Rapleaf Helps Advertisers Reach Audiences That Relate to Brands

February 3, 2010

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In an interview with, Rapleaf CEO Auren Hoffman discusses how Rapleaf works with brand marketers in display advertising. Here’s an except from the article: How are clients buying audience with Rapleaf’s help? And, do you work with demand-side platforms?

Today, Rapleaf is plugged into several DSPs, and we work with several ad networks. We offer unique segments like “Online Influencers”, “Active Twitter Users”, “Fans of X Brand”, etc. Advertisers come to us today to buy audiences that have affinities with their brand and also a high potential to spread a message online.

What are you focused on beyond display? How do you see this product like working with display-related product initiatives?

We help companies both acquire customers and better engage their current customers. To acquire customers, we help companies better target their display advertising. Display advertising can be effectively used to find the right audiences for your product. We also help companies engage their current customers by understanding their customer base for email, on-site outreach, and retargeting. We do a lot of work with retailers, hotels, airlines, large brands, and more to help them better understand their customers for personalization and advanced targeting.

Read the full interview here.

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