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Social Media Demographics and Activity in a CPG Customer List

October 8, 2009

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A few weeks ago, we analyzed trends in Twitter followers within the customer list of a leading consumer packaged goods (CPG) company and found that the most popular users pick up more followers and pick them up at a faster rate.

Who are these Twitter influencers and what do they look like? To answer this question, we analyzed social media profile counts and self-reported demographics of the CPG’s top 0.1%, top 1%, and top 10% most followed Twitter users and compared that data with the 90% least followed users. As a reminder, the sample set includes over 40,000 “active” Twitter users (defined as those with at least five followers, five friends, or five updates).

Main findings

Bear in mind that these results are specific to the CPG company’s audience and, consequently, will tend to skew towards middle-aged females. Here are more details on user demographics and online activity:

Gender of CPG’s Most Popular Twitter Users


Ages of CPG’s Most Popular Twitter Users


Online Profile Count of CPG’s Most Popular Twitter Users


Concluding Remarks

In general, the most popular Twitter users in the CPG company’s customer list tend to be females age 36 – 45 who have many social media profiles, especially on Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn. Rapleaf’s client is a leading provider of food products and drinks so it’s not surprising that their customers are primarily young to middle-aged females. In addition to the CPG company’s market focus, another reason why people under 25 years old are so underrepresented may be because younger demographics, especially teenagers, are not avid adopters of Twitter. It would be interesting to study how the demographics and online activity of these customers compare to those of Twitter’s most popular users.

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