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Rapleaf Study on Popularity of Twitter Clients

August 18, 2009

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Given the myriad of Twitter clients available, we wanted to see which ones are the most popular. So, we studied the 20 most recent tweets from over 4 million Twitter users. Here’s what we found:

Most Popular Twitter Clients (as % of Tweets Sent)


Concluding Thoughts

There are over 1900 Twitter clients available as Twitter’s open API makes it easy for anyone to build their own client. These clients follow a distribution to similar to Twitter users, with the top 10 services accounting for 90% of all tweets sent. With 65% of all tweets sent from computers on the official Twitter site and about 20% of tweets sent from mobile devices, there’s still a lot of room for Twitter to expand into the growing mobile sector. Whether this will affect the proportion of active Twitter users remains to be seen.

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